Rough animation of scene 2 shot 6. I am trying to understand and solidify the movement of the worms. PB 7.
Shot 6 take 2. I added a jump and some anticipation. 
This is the rough animation of s8, where the SGW is trying to walk. The face is not drawn on yet but I wanted to find a stumbly movement, and had the SGW flop down in defeat to emphasize its frustration. 
This is me trying out using the puppet tool for s8 to see if I could have a different animation style for the SGW. I do not think I will use this because I like the frame by frame animation above better. 
This is what it looks like with the first 8 rough shots edited together. I edited s3 to hold the look between the two worms for longer. I added s6,s7,and s8. 
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