Capstone Script 


Sally and Steve are on a hike. They stop for some water; Steve stays standing and Sally sits on some rocks. Sally pulls out a bag of sour gummy worms, and as she starts to take a bite, Steve playful squirts her with some water from his water bottle. Sally is shocked and then smiles. 

She throws a gummy worm at Steve in a lighthearted way as retaliation. It misses him and lands on a moss patch behind him on the side of the path. 

Steve smiles and pulls her up. She puts her pack of gummy worms away and the two continue to walk. 
The scene does not follow them, but rather stays where the sour gummy worm (SGW) is, lying on the ground. Some twinkly fairy lights start to come out of the moss and around the SGW

A change in music, to a suspenseful, fairytale tune. 

The twinkly lights get more abundant and bigger, as the camera zooms in. The whole screen becomes lights and zoomy, transitions into animation. 



Pans down from the trees to the sour gummy worm, whose eyes and mouth then pop out. 

Two other worms are walking, appearing to have a conversation. One then stops and it’s eyes get bigger as it sees SGW, who is just standing on the moss and blinking. They then both go underground. 

SGW, seeing this, attempts to move and follow them. He is clumsy but making some progress. He then sees another worm, and watches the way it moves. SGW starts crawling towards this new worm. The worm sees SGW and stops, looking past SGW. Suddenly, the worm goes underground. SGW looks sad but in the background you can see a salamander creeping up. 

SGW looks at its own body, confused. SGW looks across the path and sees a yellow caterpillar. SGW looks at its own tail, which is yellow, and back up at the caterpillar. SGW then decides it will cross the path to try to get to this caterpillar. 

As SGW is crawling towards the path, the salamander pounces on SGW, slurping it up. The salamander’s eyes suddenly widen and lips pucker as it tastes the sour. It spits the SGW out and scurries away. SGW pops up, wet and dazed but otherwise fine.

SGW looks up and the caterpillar is still there across the path, looking at the SGW, unphased. The SGW then shakes off the salamander’s saliva and starts trekking across the path. Dramatic music plays, the SGW starts to get sweaty and tired, going around sticks and rocks. 

Music stops 


The SGW lies in the middle of the path. 


Close-up of the SGW, panting and sweating. Dramatic music. In the background you can hear a dog collar jingle. 


A woman, Sarah and her small dog are walking along the path, and the dog sniffs and eats the gummy worm. They start to walk off the screen. 

Pippy! Where did you find that?

Shot of the moss with the twinklies coming out of it. 

A shot of the park from a drone, zooming out. 

Fade to black
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